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We accept most dental insurance plans, and we bill for services through insurance, just like a typical dentist’s office.

See if your checkup is covered

Curious if your insurance covers you for a Dental checkup? We can tell you in just a few minutes.

Not using insurance?
Here’s what to expect.

First Checkup

90 Mins


6-Month Checkup

70 Mins



60 Mins


*Your exact cost will depend on whether you need any imaging

Get a Grant up to 30% toward your dental treatment at Time to Smile

The Dental Grant Program connects you with trusted dentists and covers up to 30% of your treatment, depending on the kind of procedure you select. When you book your dental treatment, the Grant will be automatically deducted from the cost.

Most Common Eligible Procedures


• Implants
• Implant Fixed Dentures (All-On-Four)
• Removable Dentures

• Dental Bridges
• Crowns
• Veneers

• Invisalign©
• Root Canals
• and more…

Grant amounts are based on the cost of your treatment plan.

$500 – $3000

Cost: 21% Grant

$3001 – $7500

Cost: 23.5% Grant

$7501 – $15000

Cost: 25.5% Grant

$15001 – $20000

Cost: 27% Grant

$20001 – $25000

Cost: 28.5% Grant


Cost: 30% Grant